O-1 visas are reserved for those with "extraordinary ability" and "sustained national or international acclaim" which is defined differently depending on the field. Our firm has been successful in representing individuals in the arts, sciences, music, and even in business to obtain the O-1 visa.

Evidence for all fields may include receipt of nationally or internationally recognized awards; publication of articles in professional or trade publications or major media; documentation of original contributions to the field; evidence of serving as a judge or reviewer of the work of other professionals; descriptions of one's achievements in professional or major trade publications or major media; performance in a lead or critical role; or commanding an unusually high wage. While the requirements are very specific, those who qualify are not subject to a numerical limit or a limit on how long they may maintain their status provided they continue to do work requiring "extraordinary ability."

Contact our team to evaluate your accomplishments to see whether this visa classification is appropriate for you. You may be closer than you think!